Multi-ad streaming gateways

You post your ads on different ad formats online. Be aware that setting up multiple ad serving gateways can save you valuable time. They allow in a few clicks to dispatch your advertisements to the different media / sites chosen and thus to automate their putting on line.

Publish your ads and are compatible with different multicast gateways but can also connect with your website (if your webmaster or technical service provider allow it) to extract your and are compatible with different gateways and can therefore receive different ad :

  • Planet VO (Activity Management VO - Groupe L'Argus)
  • Cardiff (Management of used vehicles)
  • Any other system or website (on request)

Multi-diffuser vos annonces

In the other direction, and can also set up different gateways to publish your ads on our sites to various other online media (site of your company, other sites d Advertisements ...).

For any information or additional information, please contact us.